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Professional branding for start ups: investment or extravagance?

Updated: Apr 8

Coffee cup, flowers and keyboard on desk with wording Professional branding for start-ups: investment or extravagance
Professional branding for start-ups: investment or extravagance

If you’re at the start of your business journey you might well be feeling a bit overwhelmed by the amount on your to-do list. Whether you sell physical products or you are a service-based business like me, you will be spending a great deal of time organising your processes, marketing yourself (be it online or in the physical sense), managing enquiries, and of course delivering your actual product or service.

And then there’s the cost of getting started; on top of all the usual set up and ongoing costs, investing in your branding may be something you consider a luxury. But look at your to-do list again. Consider where your strengths lie - you are likely to find that your time may be best placed focussing on sourcing new business and making sales. Outsourcing your brand design to a professional could give you that much needed time back that time straight away.

Next, a professional graphic designer will add structure to the process of creating a design that truly reflects you and your business in a way that you are unlikely to take the time to do yourself. This is usually through a 360 collaborative approach, starting with one or more ‘discovery sessions’, the creation of mood boards, keywords, proposed colour palettes and typefaces, along with a selection of primary and secondary logo and a brand mark or two.

Consider the number of brand touch points your business will have

What’s more, entrepreneurs often overlook the amount of design ‘touch points’ that need to be considered - it’s not just a logo that reflects your business. It’s your business card, your website, your social media and your stationery or other printed materials, merchandise, and for product based businesses, your packaging. Having a consistent and high quality visual identity across all these touch points can elevate your business, creating value that undoubtedly would not exist with DIY design and placing you alongside or even above the competition. This is because it achieves cut through in a crowded marketplace, attracting more premium clients - your dream customers. Wouldn’t you love to have this from the get-go?

Katalin Thomann from Mama’s Worth, offering new mums and mums-to-be specialist counselling services, explains how using my professional design services made an impact when starting up her new business:

“Karen did outstanding work with creating the logo for my business. She was able to design the perfect logo from my somewhat chaotic input as I had so many ideas and visions of what it should look like. I was blown away by her natural talent to put everything I had asked for into the design and the perfect logo was created within a few days. Karen is very professional, knowledgable and just lovely to work with. I can highly recommend her!”

I’d love to know if you believe good brand design is worth investing in? Get in touch if you want to discuss more about your business and how I can help add value through my design services.

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